Who wants to get Tsar's piece of meat!?

I decided to share one of my old recipes. It is very popular in our family and it is being made often. Long time ago I created this recipe based on my taste and that my husband will eat ;) For example, if he would see large pieces of stewed or cooked onion he will pick it out ;) There are many variations of this dish in the ex-USSR countries. With names such as Tsar's Meat and Meat Under "Fur-Coat" and similar. Since the result is most similar to the Tsar's Meat we decided to call it variations!
That why today in the menu we have:

Variations of the Tsar's Meat


Hawaii vacation. Day 4, Atlantis Submarine, Hilton Hawaiian Village

Even before we went on vacation we did some research on what to do there.
One of the very appealing activities we saw was a submarine trip!
So on day 4 we decided to try it ourselves.
Oahu submarine trips are operated by Atlantis Adventures. Their location is right on the beach of Hilton Hawaiian Village hotel.
You have a choice of two submarines: older smaller one Atlantis IV and newer bigger one with bigger viewports Atlantis XIV.
Even though newer one is pricier (came out at about $113 after all taxes and fees) we decided it was worth it.
At least they validate your parking pass for 3 hours of free parking, because parking at the Hawaiian Village hotel is a total ripoff.

Submarine tours follow a schedule and you need to wait on a pier for a ship to come and transport you to submarine location.
Right after you enter the pier a photographer takes your picture in hopes to sell it to you after the tour.

This is the background they use for the picture:


Hina Ichigo at the kitchen! Let's take a look and see what is she doing there!?

My husband came to me once and said "you will write about your cooking in our blog!". "What a surprise" I thought. How do I start? Because I know so many recipes! And then Hina Ichigo gave us an idea by saying "I helped to prepare cake not so long ago! Let's start with it!" ^^ So we agreed :)

Ah, for those who don't know who Hina-chan is, let me tell you in a few words. Hina Ichigo is one of the seven dolls from an anime Rozen Maiden, this is if we talk about the character. A limited edition dollfie Hina-chan got to us from Volks company. Originally released for Dollfie Party 18. And we are thankful to them!
Hina-chan loves strawberries a lot, and her name means just that. It means Baby Strawberry. Thet's why she can't resist the cake, which I wanted to do for a long time because I love strawberry very much too! In order to make it tastier, Hina-chan volunteered to help in cooking.
So today in the menu we have:

"White Chocolate Strawberry Mousse Cake"


Hawaii vacation. Day 3, Valley of the Temples, Aloha Tower, Sunset.

So we decided to dedicate next day to visiting interesting places. First one on our list was Valley of the Temples with their Byodo-In Japanese temple (Chinese style Phoenix temple).

We woke up early again and proceeded to drive to the west, via Likelike Highway, the more we moved to the west the more clouds we saw, all mountain tops were hidden by the clouds as well which got us nervous there might be a rain.


Hawaii vacation. Day 2

Why do people go to Waikiki? I guess it would be fair to assume they mostly go there for the sea.
That was the case with us too.
So after waking up pretty early (6 hours time difference helping with that) we proceeded straight to the beach without even having a breakfast.

In the morning there were significantly less people on the beach, but on the other hand the sun did not quite rise from behind all the high-rises either, so the beach was in a shade still.

Anyway we quickly jumped into the relatively warm water.


Hawaii vacation. Day 1

Finally we got some time to shuffle through our Hawaii vacation photos from end of August.

By the end of August we were in real need of some real vacation. Several places were discussed, amongst them were Hawaii, Florida, Mexico and Puerto Rico. We decided on Hawaii to avoid hurricane season on Atlantic shores.
The plan was to check Oahu for a week-long vacation and decide if Hawaii were worth it at all, and to return later for other islands if so.

Of course soon after we got our tickets I decided to check weather forecast for Honolulu and sure enough it said there would be rain every day. In the end that proved to be irrelevant. Rain on Hawaii is nothing like rain pretty much anywhere else.

And so on August 22, 2009 we boarded our plane and departed. After boring 8 hours (most of which we strategically spent sleeping) finally something showed up in the window.


Review of Urd and World of Elegance Gathering kit from E2046

It's pretty sad that figure producers tend to concentrate on sexy girls often over-emphasizing their sexiness and throw in so much fan-service it is almost unbearable.
The best developed Anime characters barely get produced and sometimes all the loyal fans get is a garage kit.

So was the story with "Urd and World of Elegance" from "Ah! My goddess". The best version was a garage kit from Hiromen that is impossible to find at that.
As it often happens, E2046 decided to help and came with their own version of this kit, also available prepainted from Gathering.



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