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Beijing in October

Ouch, we have not been writing anything in a while, time to catch up at least somewhat.

In October 2014 we had a business-pleasure trip to China and Japan.

We'll start with China.

Transformer robot in the hotel lobby
Lobby of our hotel in Beijing had this amazing robot statue.


The reason for the Beijing visit was participation in an industry conference. The conference itself did not generate any cool images, but their lunch buffet was pretty colorful.


There were European, American and Chinese cuisine options..



American part.



Also a selection of sweets.




my plate at lunch
In the end I assembled myself some lunch on these two plates.

And the dessert.

At the same time Ksusha went to meet with a doll tailor that we met before at some doll convention in US.

Rei-tenshis in flowers
Here's a picture of our little angels in the workshop.

And then Ksusha with her friend went to lunch as well

Hot pot fish
A fish hotpot.

And then they went for a walk in the huton district, since the weather was unusually nice for Beijing, you could even see the blue sky.


NanLuoGu lane in 7 QianGuLouYuan huton is a historic district from 800 years ago, reflecting Yuan dynasty traditions. Classical fish skeleton design.



I wonder why do they cover tires with those things?


A special budget version of a famous European bicycle anti theft device?

Those above the gate protrusions are a very important indication of the family wealth. The more means the more wealthy family lives there.


Wall panel with an inscription is another way to indicate a wealthy place of living.



And now let's get back to the hotel.

Our hotel room
A bed

Our hotel room
and a TV in front of it

Our hotel room Our hotel room shower
Bathroom and a shower

Our hotel room
and an entryway.

Overall the room size is quite decent, esp. comparing to the typical Japanese room size we are accustomed to.

Our hotel room lighting control panel
They also have an interesting lighting system. Depending on your mood you can select several options from the list that would affect which lights would turn on and what color would they be.

Our hotel room lighting

Our hotel room lighting

Our hotel room vindow view
And this is the window view.

Also, mandatory dinner pictures

Spicy fish
This is a so called spicy fish in a hot pot.

Some sort of a sweet potato dish that was brought early on.

dry hotpot
Dry hot pot dish.

fish hotpot
Yet another fish

chicken wings hotpot
and chicken wings

funny ATM sign

Also we noticed a very strange sign on top of ATMs nearby. "Cash recycling system"? Wink

These are all the pictures from the Chinese visit.

OH, by the way Ksusha also visited the BJD shops we found in 2010 and it turned out that two of them permanently closed, so only one still remains at the old location.


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