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Kyoto Tower

After a longish pause I am returning to our pictures from previous trip to Japan.

On March 10th was out last day in Kyoto and we decided to check out the Kyoto Tower that we have seen so many times from outside.

Since we were staying in Kyoto Tower Hotel, they gave us free tickets to go to the tower itself.

Free tickets
Here we are at the top already. Guide and free ticket in hand. Bottom right of the guide is home to Kyoto Tower mascot.

The observational deck is at the elevation of 100m (330ft) and you can see most of Kyoto from it. Due to city regulations Kyoto Tower remains to be the tallest structure of Kyoto.

Kyoto Tower views
Kyoto station from above.

The pictures below were made by moving counterclockwise on the observation deck.

Kyoto Tower views

Kyoto Tower views

Kyoto tower inside

Kyoto Tower views

Kyoto Tower views

Big Kanon statue through a scope
I took this picture of big Ryozen Kanon statue that is several (6?) kilometers away from the tower in Higashiyama through one of the spyglasses on the deck.

Kyoto Tower views

Kyoto Tower views
Parking lot on the roof Wink Also nice shadow of the tower.

Kyoto Tower views

Kyoto Tower views

Kyoto Tower views

Kyoto Tower views

And this was the full circle.

Pink Taxi
Pink taxi Wink

After visiting the tower we checked out from our hotel and moved to Osaka for a few more days. (In fact we only stopped in Kyoto for the Dolpa)

Drum videogame
Osaka arcade, girls are playing some sort of a drum game.

Our dinner - tonkatsu Wink


Monterey Osaka Hotel

And this is our hotel (with a strange chapel on the side) - Osaka Monterey hotel. Inside was unexpectedly luxurious and big for the price. Big bed, big bath. Sadly we forgot to take any pictures. But we definitely recommend this place. It's also close to the Osaka and Umeda stations.

And this concludes the day and also our trip to Japan.

The returning trip we actually made from Osaka airport (for the first time).

Bus driver
We took a bus to the airport, it was cheaper and faster compared to the train and also closer walk to the bus stop from the hotel.

Air Korea lounge in KIX
Korean Air lounge at the Kansai airport. Very empty at first as we have arrived quite a bit in advance of our departure.

Air Korea lounge in KIX

Air Korea lounge in KIX
Snacks bar was very bare compared to Skyclub in Tokyo.

Landing in Hawaii
And this is us landing in Honolulu for a stopover. Making this stop made the entire trip much more tolerable somehow.

Hawaii airport
Garden in the Honolulu airport.

Skyclub in Honolulu
Delta Skyclub in Honolulu. Very cramped and full of people.

Skyclub in Honolulu

And after two hours of wait we were on our way to Los Angeles for the closing of the VOLKS store event there.

Departure from Hawaii

And this concluded this part of the trip.


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