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From Edo period to our days.

I finally came here!  I'm sorry, we were pretty busy lately. Today I decided to tell you a story about one of my boys, that I got a very long time ago, I think it was by the end of 2012. Anyway, we came a long way to what he looks like now, but returning to the start. His name is Tsunenaga Hasekura and he is from series of Japanese historical figures by Volks. Released at Home Town Dolpa Sendai that was held on August 25, 2012.
So, please meet a Japanese samurai who was serving to daimyo Date Masamune. (Date Masamune was also released by Volks a bit earlier).

Tsunenaga Hasekura.

Tsunenaga Hasekura

Tsunenaga Hasekura
I'm just in love with his boots! It was the first item that I used even before I removed him from the box...

Tsunenaga Hasekura
He has very nice clothes too! Though I dislike his wig on him Stare

Tsunenaga Hasekura
Oops... btw, you have a very nice mushket pistol Mr. Hasekura ....  

Mushket Pistol of Tsunenaga Hasekura

Tsunenaga Hasekura

Tsunenaga Hasekura

No, seriously I was thinking for a long time and finally in April 2014, after I figured out of what I really wanted from this boy, I sent him to a very talented face-up artist! She modified him and made new gorgeous face-up!

But before it here are couple of pictures of his face and original face-up a bit closer:
Tsunenaga Hasekura
He was such a sweet looking boy.

Tsunenaga Hasekura

Meanwhile on a sofa...

Shiro is resting
Shiro was waiting for those gorgeous boots back, because he was wearing them by that time ;) 

But back to Hasekura. In the middle of May 2014 I got my boy back! I named him Ren and I'm completely satisfied with how he is looking now! I'm simply just in love with him now!!!





Huge thanks to talented NadiaQueen for this hot boy!

And that's it for today!


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