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Trip to Japan in March 2014

Seems we are getting to Japan pretty frequently these days. We decided to go in March again because of the Kyoto Hometown Dolpa 10 since Ksusha really wanted some of the dolls from there.

New Delta Sky Club Atlanta terminal F
This time we finally got a flight out of Atlanta airport new terminal F with their new Sky Club.

New Delta Sky Club Atlanta terminal F

View from New Delta Sky Club Atlanta terminal F
View from window.

New Delta Sky Club Atlanta terminal F
Alcohol bar. But overall food and drinks are still a far cry from what you get in e.g. Tokyo.

Women's restroom in New Delta Sky Club Atlanta terminal F
Chic toilets. Walls from top to bottom and all in tile, also tight doors, looks like you can find something like this only in Sky Clubs! Usually it's much more flimsy ;)   

New Delta Sky Club Atlanta terminal F
This is how the entrance looks like.

Atlanta terminal F
New Terminal F.

Here we are onboard at the gate in Atlanta.

It's Japan!
And now we are on the landing approach to Tokyo.

It's Japan!

Tokyo Internanional Airport
Tokyo Airport.

We took shinkansen from Tokyo to Kyoto right away.

Next day, March 8th there was a pre-dolpa 10th Anniversary fair at Tenshi no Sato.

Half of the line in the morning
We have arrived 1.5 hours before opening and there was a line already.

Sadly VOLKS transitioned to a new entry arrangement system starting from this event, instead of giving everyone their own entry number, now a single number is drawn (in our case 47) and the line is split, the person in line at the drawn position becomes first in line, and everybody who were in front of him move to the back of the line in their original owner, with the person standing in front of the new head of the line becoming last in line. With our luck, our in-line position was 45, so we were previous to last to enter, sigh.

Line to Tenshi-no-Sato
Line in front of us after the reshuffling. Then Volks staff started to form separate lines, there were three lines, for Sumika shop, for Coordinate Models and for FCS.

It seems VOLKS is really trying to cut down the habit of some people to come in really early on event days.

Spring Sato display of Mother SD with Angels
After some shopping finally it's time for pictures ;) By the way Ksusha bought her first Yo-Tenshi.

Cake tickets
Cards to get cakes at the cafe. You can get them at the entrance of Tenshi-no-Sato, but once they are sold out that means no cakes for you ;)

And here are our cakes that were special for this event:
White Day gift from Claude Cake

'White Day gift from Claude' cake.

Tenshi's Mouse Chocolate Cake
And 'Tenshi's Mousse Chocolate' Cake.

And now various doll pictures that are so easy to make at a place like Tenshi no Sato.

Addy and Astrid
This is Addy (Yo-SD Kanon) and Astrid (Yo-Tenshi Mika) in the basket while we were enjoying our cakes with tea. They both belong to our friend. 

Ouji-sama and Princes
And there is our Piccolo, you can call him Prince or King as you like more, with Princes (friends' dolls) ;)

Yo-Tenshi Mika, Yo-SD Piccolo, Yo-SD Kanon

Midi Cecile & MSD F32
SDMidi Cecile and MSD F-32 belong to another friend.

Group shot
And big group shot picture.

Behind the scenes:
Behind the scenes

Behind the scenes

DD Saber Neko

DD Saber Neko
DD Saber as neko, very cute!

Prince and a girl

Dinner in tonkatsu restaurant before going to sleep.

That's it for the day.


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