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Couple from the Edo Period.

Not so long ago, we got a new members to our Dollfie family! There were actually three of them, but today I will introduce only two to you. And those two are legends from Japanese history - Sakamoto Ryōma and his wife Narasaki Ryō! Who came to us from Dolls Party 29. This is a very beautiful couple, and they have just gorgeous traditional Japanese outfits and shoes!

He and She

We will begin our interaction from the lady! Here she is:




Oh, looks like Ryō would like to introduce to us her beloved husband! 
Ryе█ in her Fullset

Okay Ryō but just give us a moment to look on your beautiful kimono and zori. 

Ryoл└ in her Fullset

Then next is Ryō's husband Sakamoto Ryōma:

Sakamoto Ryе█ma

Actually he came with a pistol, but I somehow decided to give him a kanata for the photoshoot instead


Ryе█ma as samurai

Our gorgeous samurai!
Ryе█ma in his Fullset (except katana)

Ryе█ma as samurai

If you noticed Ryōma has asymmetrical paint job around his mouth, that gives us to catch different expressions of him!

And finally two of them together:
Sakamoto Ryе█ma & Harasaki Ryе█   

Ryе█ma and Ryе█

Ryе█ma and Ryе█

Ryoл└ma and Ryoл└

Ahem, that's it for now!


I accidentally noticed this small and amazing detail on Ryō's wig. This is top of her head:
Ryе█'s top of the head
It's just amazing! Looks so realistic! It totally looks like real skin and hairs that grow from it!!! I have never seen something like this on any Volks wigs before! Even Ryōma doesn't have it!

And I also have pictures from their Box Opening, but I don't plan to post it here, so if somebody is just interested you can see it here.


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