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Problem with Volks SD16 Boots from Dolpa Osaka 7 and its solution!

It so happened that I've got Volks SD16 Boots (SB-SD16G-043) from Dolpa Osaka 7 with problematic heels. They are really beautiful boots, so it was a little bit sad. But it turned out that they could be fixed! And today I will share with you how to fix problems like this! It's very easy, thanks to the shoemaker from our local Shoe Repair place! 

Volks SD16 Boots from Osaka 7 Collection
Here are those already fixed boots. Really nice ones, don't you think so?


The problem looked like this: Right and Left ones
As you can see the heels are not straight, if the right boot somewhat could stand by itself, but and the same time the left one couldn't at all!

If we would stand the left heel straight then as you can see the nose part of the boot couldn't even reach the surface!
Heel comparison
The pink shoe is also Volks one and it's here for heel comparison.

After I found out that I can't get a replacement because those boots were completely sold out during the event, I decided to check a Shoe Repair place nearby at first no matter how fun does it sound! Well, it was fun there with the doll boots But shoemaker helped me and explained what to do if the heel ever bends back! It took only one minute for him to fix it...

So, what did he do? He just pressed at instep area (closer to heel) from the sole side, made this part more bent, and the heel returned to the straight position all by itself. I marked this place with a red arrow here:
Volks SD16 Boots from Osaka 7 Collection
He said that this plastic on the sole is soft enough, so you don't even need to heat it! Amazing, right? But the heels may bend back if too much pressure will be applied only to the nose part of boots.

At such an occasion I made pictures of all my Volks SD16 High Heel/Spike shoes at this moment:
My Volks SD16 High Heels/Spike Shoes
But these are not all high heel shoes that my girls have.  It's just all 'spikes' ones from Volks.

So, I checked them all and all of them are made with the same plastic sole, just of different colors
 Plastic soles of Volks SD16 Shoes

And the conclusion: you can fix mostly all Volks high heel shoes if they have problems with heels, and probably not only Volks ones. So, if your doll shoes have soft enough plastic sole don't be afraid to try to press on it and give it a desired shape! 

Good luck!


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