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Little flower angels!

Lately I come here so rarely, I'm so sorry! :cry: But if you would like to know more frequent and short updates you can find me at flickr as ~Ksenia~.
Today I finally will introduce to you our new little angels that we won at different Volks events. I already have been telling about these type of Volks angels before in the post about Izumi. From this Spring to this Autumn we came a long way to their current look. I also would like to thank VolksUSA staff for their help in explanations and support regarding Rei-Tenshies! Also huge thanks to a very talented face-up artist ~La croix de sang~ who made my fantasy possible! I think she is just a wizard!!!

So, here are our two little angels:

Dianthus and Delphinium    


From Edo period to our days.

I finally came here!  I'm sorry, we were pretty busy lately. Today I decided to tell you a story about one of my boys, that I got a very long time ago, I think it was by the end of 2012. Anyway, we came a long way to what he looks like now, but returning to the start. His name is Tsunenaga Hasekura and he is from series of Japanese historical figures by Volks. Released at Home Town Dolpa Sendai that was held on August 25, 2012.
So, please meet a Japanese samurai who was serving to daimyo Date Masamune. (Date Masamune was also released by Volks a bit earlier).

Tsunenaga Hasekura.

Tsunenaga Hasekura


Wizard in the Dead of Winter

Ok, I'm trying to write a note almost right after pictures are ready without some additional waiting.
I finally bought a Volks Lady Wizard set and it was snowing today, so I played a bit with my Suigintou.
She is very good for such games where you need to know magic  

Wizard in the dead of Winter


His white kitty~

Today I came with some old pictures as well. I know, I need to write more frequently, sorry >_< Those pictures are about one of my favorite couple, Lorina and Sai. I couldn't resist and bought Volks DD Kitty Ear White Bondage Set for Lorina, though it's a bit small for her but me wouldn't be me if I couldn't put it on her And somehow all photo shoots with those two end with some piquant moments even if there were no plans for them at all and I don't know why, so don't ask  

Warning: the pictures below would contain one piquant moment, like kiss, nothing terrible but still if you are not like something like this please don't look inside! Thank you.

My sweet white kitty~


Couple from the Edo Period.

Not so long ago, we got a new members to our Dollfie family! There were actually three of them, but today I will introduce only two to you. And those two are legends from Japanese history - Sakamoto Ryōma and his wife Narasaki Ryō! Who came to us from Dolls Party 29. This is a very beautiful couple, and they have just gorgeous traditional Japanese outfits and shoes!

He and She


Yukinojo Sawagari from Tokyo

I have decided to post some old pictures little by little and finally today introduce to you Yukinojo Sawagari from Volks "Tokyo Boys Story". I already mentioned him before in the post about Hot Tokyo boys But, today you will see him entirely and will learn his further story! So, are you ready? Then let's go!

Yukinojo's shoes
His gorgeous shoes~


Problem with Volks SD16 Boots from Dolpa Osaka 7 and its solution!

It so happened that I've got Volks SD16 Boots (SB-SD16G-043) from Dolpa Osaka 7 with problematic heels. They are really beautiful boots, so it was a little bit sad. But it turned out that they could be fixed! And today I will share with you how to fix problems like this! It's very easy, thanks to the shoemaker from our local Shoe Repair place! 

Volks SD16 Boots from Osaka 7 Collection
Here are those already fixed boots. Really nice ones, don't you think so?


Sleepy Little Angel in Heaven

Today we will speak about Tenshi from Volks which means Angel in Japanese! And will even meet one or maybe two?
You may know that all Volks showrooms are called Tenshi-no ... - the places where your angels are. Volks makes not only just SD they also make SD Tenshi. The differences  - all tenshi have wings and genderless asexual bodies. There are several types of Tenshi, the smallest one is Rei-Tenshi (Ethereal Angel) is only 5.1 inches (12cm), then Sei-Tenshi (Spiritual Angel) - 8.9 inches (22cm), next Yo-Tenshi which is the same size as Yo-SD, then Ko-Tenshi (Child Angel) - 17 inches (43cm) which is the same size as MSD, then Kyo-Tenshi - 22.8 inches (~58cm) which is the same size as SD and maybe so on. Most of them, like Yo-Tenshi are available at some Tenshi-no-Sato events. Also you definitely can meet all of those Tenshi there in one of your Tenshi-no-Sato visits! 

So, by a special chance, this sleepy sweetie 'SD Rei-Tenshi' has been welcomed into our lives and I named him Izumi (泉)! Izumi means fountain and Spring in Japanese.


Happy Chinese New Year 2013!

Feb.10 2013 is the day of Chinese(Lunar) New Year. And almost all Asian Countries have a week off now. This photosession was just inspired of that time of year, I thought it's time to try some Chinese dress on one of my girls, plus I haven't paid too much attention to her last time. I started with the dress and then I thought that I want to change her hairstyle as well. While I were playing with just one wig for sometime I found her in so many different moods. But that particular dress was calling for some pompous hairstyle. And when I called my husband to look at her at the end to hear his view, guess what did he say? The first what he said was "Who is this?"    Anyway, hope you will enjoy the photos and please don't forget to make yourself a cup of some nice Chinese green tea

Volks SD16 Cristal and SD13 Williams


A J-rock star?

Long time no see! Well, we were pretty busy :~ So busy that I didn't have time to make pictures or to play with my sweeties or even to seat in front of a laptop! I was missing them despite that they were nearby. And finally I found some time. I decided to try a different image on my loved Shiro. Some time ago I bought a nice outfit and were waiting for proper boots, and I got them with some new guy, but will cover it later   So, I think the new image turned out pretty well. Shiro now looks like a J-rock star, don't you think so? ;)     

 A J-rock star?



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